How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of Kindergarten?

The first day of kindergarten is a crucial milestone in your little one’s life. Though it’s an exciting time for the child as well as parents, it’s important to remove the first-day jitters. Many reputed kindergartens support the parents with valuable advice based on their experience during the initial days. For instance, most kindergartens in Singapore follow such an appreciated method to make things easier for the child and parents. Based on that, here are some simple strategies to prepare your child for the first day of kindergarten.

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  • Make the first day of kindergarten an exciting day to look forward to for your child. The more the excitement you develop, the more enthusiastic you little one will be to experience it. Show enthusiasm about all that he or she is going to learn. See if you are able to evoke responses from your kid; however, if they don’t want to discuss about it, don’t force them to do so. The whole idea is to make it an exciting experience rather than a fearful one.
  • Shopping for school supplies is a major part of all the fun. Make sure you shop together, allowing your child to choose his favourite things. This, by itself, can greatly build up the excitement in your young one.
  • If any orientation programme or meet-and-greet has been organized by the school, don’t miss out on attending it with your child because it makes a world of difference to the kids. They are likely to get to know the teacher and the other kids well in advance. Most kindergartens in Singapore host such an even to make it easier for the children. If there’s no such event hosted, make sure that you visit the premises once beforehand with your kindergartner and meet the teacher so that your little one gets accustomed to everything.
  • Get a class schedule in advance from the teacher and discuss about the daily activities with your child beforehand. Try to relate this with the daily tasks that you do so that the kid starts seeing the link between everyday schedules and routines followed by all.
  • Do a rehearsal for the big day and execute a test run of the routine to be followed. Try to get into the school routine at least a week before the school starts. Wake up early so that your child has lot of time to get ready. Lay out the uniforms and pack the school bag the day before.

By following the above strategies, you can be rest assured that the first day at kindergarten is going to be a smooth-sailing experience.