Types of therapy after a broken arm surgery

There basically are three important bones that make up the arm, they are as follows; the ulna, radius, and humerus. The common cause of a broken arm condition is usually as a result of serious fall or an accident in your work environment. It is likely going to take a couple of weeks for you to recover from a broken arm. The severity of the injury, as well as the location of the fracture, determines to a large extent, the period of time it is going to take you to heal completely.

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After your hand surgery, a cast is probably going to be used to immobilize the affected region so that your hand can heal quickly and return to its original condition.

As you recover you may be inclined to start using your hand to carry out your daily activities, but you must resist this urge. You see, if you use your broken arm before it completely healed, you are likely going to cause a serious damage to it that is likely going to need another procedure to address.

Your doctor is likely going to recommend physical therapy so that you can recover quickly. In this article, we are going to be looking at some types of physical therapy that can help to speed up your recovery after a hand surgery.

Strength training

After your hand surgery, a cast is probably going to be used to keep your hand in place so that you can heal quickly. You may have a cast on your arm for a couple of weeks before it will eventually be removed.

When you eventually remove the cast on your arm, you are definitely going to notice a loss of strength in your hand region. Strength training includes a couple of exercises that will help to restore your strength back to your arm. Do well to perform these exercise the way and manner it was prescribed to you so that you can get more out of them and ultimately recover quickly.

Strength training exercise includes straightening and the bending of your arm under resistance.


Flexibility training

In order for you to recover quickly, you need to engage in some exercises that will help to restore the movement in your hand region. Initially, the exercises are going to be very painful, obviously because it has not been long you took off your cast. That is likely going to involve you turning your hands up and down while keeping your elbow in place. The goal of the exercises is to restore the movement in the joint of the affected area.

Occupational therapy

The goal of an occupational therapy is to get you ready for work. These exercises are made to mimic the movement that you are likely to make. The exercise will help to strengthen the particular muscle you use to work.

Sport therapy

This therapy is designed specifically for athletes. If an athlete happens to have an injury, his doctor is definitely going to prescribe a physical therapy to help speed up his recovery so that he can get back on the field. The goal of the exercise is to help restore the athlete’s ability to control his hands. Of course, the nature of the sport the athlete engages in, determines to a large extent the type of exercise that will be used to address it.

Don’t just settle for any therapy for your injury; rather, do well to inquire if it will be suitable for your condition. Do some research to find if the therapist you had in mind has the skill as well as the expertise to handle your case without the risk of a post-surgery injury or a serious complication.

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