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How to Choose Treatment for Your Trigger Finger?

The wrist, fingers and hands are amongst the most vital parts of your body that are often susceptible to severe injuries. This is because they perform diverse tasks and sports related activities repetitively. Trigger finger is one such distinguished health conditions, which curbs even simple mobility of fingers.

The trigger finger treatment has advanced in every aspect and people affected by this painful condition can get quick relief. There are multiple stages of treatments available for Singapore people who are struggling with moderate to severe grade of trigger finger. More information can be found here for trigger finger treatments.

Let us analyze the best choice of treatments available in detail.

What is trigger finger?

Trigger finger has been considered as a very common sickness that can affect patients with diabetic and other health conditions. It is a stressful condition that will affect the tendons in your thumb or fingers, thus limiting free movement. You might experience a clicking sensitivity while bending, straightening or extending your fingers for gripping things. This condition is associated with inflammation at the infected finger base and palm. Trigger finger treatmentcan be considered as ultimate solution when your fingers become locked and stiffened with severe pain even while performing simple everyday tasks.

Trigger Finger Treatments

Basically, treatments for trigger finger depend on the severity of the sickness and let us understand them in detail.

Early Stages

In the early stages it is advisable for patients to try some home remedies such as gentle stretching exercises for the finger affected, in order to increase its mobility. Avoid certain activities such as vibrating, grasping and gripping and take rest for a period of time. Reduce the stiffness and pain during initial stages by soaking infected fingers in warm water and gently massaging the inflamed fingers.

Medication and Rest

In early stages the inflammation, swelling and pain in the fingers are treated by physicians prescribing rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and splinting. This will compress the tendon sheath and entrap the tendon and cure the condition.   

Anti-inflammatory Injection

When the trigger finger condition is severe and cannot be terminated by conservative methods, then a steroid injection is used as trigger finger treatment. The anti-inflammatory medicine is carefully injected into the sheath layer of tendon for minimizing inflammation and increasing mobility of the fingers freely without any pain or discomfort. This is considered as an effective treatment for patients who do not suffer from diabetes condition.

Percutaneous Release

This type of trigger finger treatment involves numbing the palm and then injecting soft tissues surrounding the affected finger tendon. By gently moving the needle under the ultrasound guidance it helps in opening sheath of the tendon without causing any damages to the nerves or tendon nearby. This can reduce pain and inflammation.

Hand Surgery

Trigger finger surgery is recommended by Doctors for only those patients who are unresponsive to the conservative, physiotherapy and other simple treatments available. The treatment involves cutting an incision close to the infected finger’s base and carefully cut the sheath. Surgeries are performed by giving local anesthesia for the patients. It is most effective trigger finger treatment that assures free movement of tendon freely without any discomfort or inflammation and loosens the stiffness.

There are efficient and dedicated hand surgeons in Singapore who specialize in reconstructive and hand surgery. Seek their guidance to solve your painful trigger finger condition if it is severe and live healthy.

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